Vanishing Points

Vanishing Points™ is a web app that enables community members in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes to identify points of cultural significance that are threatened due to land subsidence, sea level rise and coastal erosion. In efforts to document our threatened culture, students and community members log memories, interviews and photos of places that have defined their community for generations, but are now disappearing. By bringing community and national attention to the societal impacts of this loss, the smart phone application encourages advocacy for the protection of the land and, most importantly, our culture.

Land loss in this region is often depicted solely in maps; however, they are unable to capture the harmful social effects of the disappearing land. As a result, Vanishing Points™ addresses this issue by mapping locations of cultural significance. Not only does it identify these locations, the application also tells their stories through the voices of the community members themselves. Historical and current pictures are also included to show the true geomorphology of the land as opposed to what is portrayed on maps. Vanishing Points™ serves the overarching purpose of recording the culture of the people by the people to help future generations embrace and be proud of the unique culture of Southern Louisiana. The purpose of this project is to preserve this information for future generations of bayou residents while sharing noteworthy stories of a people threatened by coastal land loss with the rest of the world.

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