Annual Campaign

It's Our Future





In 50 years, most of the students we teach will be in their late 60s, and an additional 2,250 square miles of coastal Louisiana could be washed away. Life on the bayou will look differently than it does now, but what does that really mean?

The Wetlands Discovery Center is revolutionizing how we think, teach and learn about Louisiana’s disappearing coast.

Our programs teach Louisiana’s youth how to adapt to a changing landscape in much the same way that our ancestors adapted to their environment many years ago. By doing so, we ensure the survival of our culture and our workforce. Join us today in preserving the home of future generations by supporting the Wetlands Discovery Center.

By supporting the Wetlands Discovery Center, you will…

RECONNECT your region’s youth to the land and water by providing wetlands summer camps to underserved students.

RENEW your commitment to the next generation’s understanding of their environmental heritage by supporting World Wetlands Day on February 2nd.

RETHINK ways of communicating the problem of coastal erosion by teaching students how to produce professional videos through our media literacy initiative iRestore.

RESPOND to policy makers through the voices of our next generation by ensuring student participation in the Wetlands Youth Summit.

REPLACE old ideas with new ways of thinking by supporting our Coastal Classroom series.

RELATE your story of survival and resilience to the world by investing in the South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center campus to be constructed near the Terrebonne Parish Main Branch Library.